It’s been a long while (nearly two years!) since I’ve last written here. The last two years have been an especially busy and exciting time of learning, growth, change, reinvention, and beginning a new chapter in my life and career. I have worked as a writer and editor on a freelance basis for nearly a decade, and it is wonderful to combine these passions, as well as my passion for scholarly research, into a full-time role as an Associate Editor for a large academic publishing company since early last year. Additionally, during this time I also became an Adjunct Professor for a local community college and continue to be a music educator as well. In short, I’ve been busy. A good kind of busy, one that I have been working toward for a long time. It is very gratifying to have reached a place in my life and career in which I am able to do work that I enjoy and also have a sense of stability.

Throughout, I have kept a mostly consistent guitar practice (I simply love playing guitar too much not to!), and have frequently thought about how I might fit my passion for classical guitar and music theory into what I do now. Nearly two years later, I have a few ideas that I am just starting to explore:

  • Re-starting this blog (I plan to write a new blog post monthly)
  • Creating a YouTube channel (Ben Guitar Music – this channel will showcase pieces from the classical guitar repertoire and beyond. You can view, listen, like and subscribe to this YouTube channel here:

I look forward to hearing your feedback on these ideas and continuing to explore the world of classical guitar analysis!


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